The Reeds, hailing from Northampton UK, have a shared love of music with influences ranging from The Beatles to Gomez and Radiohead to Blur. Their music has a distinctly British quality, incorporating close harmonies, stick in your head choruses and intricate instrumental arrangements.

The music is highly diverse and each song could fall into a different genre somewhere between indie, alternative, retro, pop, rock and acoustic, but all the work is emotional and heartfelt. Most importantly, The Reeds don’t aspire to be any of their influences. Their work is the product of 3 musicians with an intense desire to add another layer to the music they love and to apply craft and care to each word and note that they create.

The Reeds Band Northampton Indie Pop UKThe Reeds Band Northampton Indie Band UK

Let This Begin is the Reeds’ debut album of classic British indie retro pop/rock. Think the Beatles’ songwriting garnished with the sound of classic UK acts such as Radiohead, Muse, the Kinks, Roy Harper, Gomez and more.

Another Place is the second release by the Reeds and demonstrates a more varied, rich and diverse collection of tracks, all of which were written, performed, recorded and produced by the band themselves.

What You Will, the third album by the Reeds is out on 16th May 2022 and is the longest release to date, consisting on 13 original tracks all written, performed, recorded and produced by the band themselves.